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Choosing the perfect dab pen for you

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to replace your old oil rig or nail, we have you covered. In this guide, we’ll show you what makes a great dab pen and help you to make the best choice for your budget.

Dab pen basics

It’s important to respect your vape pen and only dab the concentrates that the device is designed to. Wax pens are for wax only, not your dry herbs or shatter, so establish if you need a single-purpose or multi-purpose pen beforehand.
Standard vaporizer pens allow you to vape e-liquid, while dry herb vaporizers, such as the Magic Flight Launch Box, are for your ground herbs (i.e. marijuana). Dab pens work with hash oil and wax products like CBD wax, while some devices that wouldn’t normally let you vape such substances can be modified – for example, Dr Dabber has a mod for this. Each dab pen has a heating element, a rechargeable battery and a mouthpiece. Once up to operating temperature, it will take just a few seconds for your vaporizer to start forming vapor for you to inhale.
All-in-one vaporizers are appealing, but if you’re only vaping one substance, then you don’t really need a multi-use device. For one, hybrids are more expensive and only worth it if you plan on fully utilizing them. And, if you’re just vaping wax, it’s best to have a vape pen designed for that purpose.
Great vape pens for dabbing waxes and other concentrates include the Keymaker from MigVapor, the Aurora and Ghost devices from Dr Dabber and the Kandypens Galaxy. We’ll tell you more about them and other vape pens further down.

Features to think about before buying a dab pen

You can choose the right vape pen for you by understanding your specific vaping needs and considering the following factors:
To better understand what vape pen will best suit your requirements, it’s vital to consider essential features, such as the pen’s portability, battery life, aesthetics, the products you can use with it and, of course, the overall price. Moreover, you must decide the importance of each of these to you.
Even experienced vapers make mistakes sometimes, more so now with all the new products and features. Long-term users may have also picked up bad vaping habits that wouldn’t make for good advice for novices.
If you plan on daytime use then picking a portable device that offers discretion may be paramount to you. There’s no value in buying a dab pen that promotes big clouds if you won’t have much chance to show it off.
There are plenty of small e-rigs on sale, including the Cloud V Electro Mini – a tiny device that even comes with a temperature control screen. Not worried about causing a scene? Perhaps a bigger, more powerful dab pen is for you. And for those on big budgets, maybe even think of investing in a desktop e-nail, so you can enjoy the ultimate vaping experience from the comfort of your own home.
Design probably won’t be a priority if you’re carrying your dab pen around with you regularly, with scratches and general wear and tear a given. But having an ergonomic device is nice, and if you can couple that with great aesthetics then it’s a bonus. We’ve seen from Dr Dabber that it’s possible to make high quality pens that look stunning too. Beyond performance and design, think about heat-up time, battery life, and recharging functionality when choosing a pen.

Dab Pen FAQs

In this section, we’ll clear up misconceptions about dab pens, and give you an idea on how much a good one will cost.

What makes dabbing different to e-cigarette vaping?

E-cigarettes are devices that vape e-liquids, typically containing nicotine, whereas dab pens vape wax concentrates, often extracted from the marijuana plant.

How does a dab pen work?

Before loading your chamber, scrape off waxy residue from your previous session to prevent charring. Apply a tiny dollop of wax onto the coil, fully assemble your device and follow the instructions specific to your purchase.

What dab pen should I buy?

There’s more than one vape pen on sale because people look for different things. No vape pen is great for everybody, but using guidelines such as portability and battery life, you can make an educated decision on the best dab pen for you.

What guidelines are they?

First off, pick a reputable brand like Kandypens or Dr Dabber to ensure quality, reliability and safety – vape pens get hot when in use, so you want a trusted product. Then your focus should be on build quality and the size of the device.

How much should I spend on a dab pen?

If you’re on a tight budget, you can still buy a dab pen for as cheap as $25 and expect decent performance. For around $100 you can get a good all-round vape pen, and if money’s no object, indulge in the premium $200-or-higher devices.

Can I dab shatter, crystals or other materials with my dab pen?

Dab pens are only designed to vape waxes and thick, liquid substances like hash oil.

More purchasing tips

There is such a thing as too much choice. Novice vapers are often wooed by the low prices of budget vape pens, and are then left disappointed at sub-standard performance. Meanwhile, vape enthusiasts sometimes shell out on expensive vape pens that don’t back up their price tag – at least as far as they are concerned. This is because we all like different things vaping. Some love the hard throat hit they get from a toke, while others demand high-viscosity vapor so they can immerse themselves in the wax’s intense flavors. Here are another six key questions to ask.

1) How good is the battery life?

Do you vape throughout the day or only when you have a few friends together. If the latter, then battery life isn’t much of a concern, but if you’re a frequent vaper then you’ll need a powerful battery or you’ll often find yourself out of charge. Pricy vape pens usually have you covered, with a single charge offering hours of use, which ultimately accumulates to days without needing a recharge. Look for vape pens with USB or micro USB charging so you can recharge from devices such as your laptop.

2) What product do I want to vape?

Beginner vapers may prefer an all-in-one vaporizer, so they can experiment with wax, shatter, e-liquids and other vape-friendly substances. Wax-only vapers won’t need multi-purpose features, so have no reason to shell out on a more expensive device.

3) How portable is my chosen dab pen?

Small, ergonomic vape pens are perfect for stealthy, discreet vaping, but the tiny dimensions mean these models don’t boast the power others do. The battery will inevitably be smaller so must be recharged more often, while the smaller heating chamber means it takes longer to heat up wax.
So if you’re going for a small vape pen, ensure that it has good charging features – otherwise it may not be as portable as you initially thought.

4) Are aesthetics important?

Dab pens come in various shapes and sizes. Premium pens boast extravagant, flamboyant designs while smaller pens impress their users with discreet aesthetics and a compact design. Aesthetics have no direct bearing on vapor quality, although it’s a fair assumption that a good-looking vape pen will produce good vapor. Metal pens are also much better portable picks than plastic pens. Remember, if your wax pen breaks in your pocket, it will leave a mess, so you want something sturdy.

5) How expensive is too expensive?

Providing you aren’t spending silly amounts, there’s good reason to be flexible on price when purchasing a vape pen. Ultimately, if you buy a top quality pen, not only is it more satisfactory, but it will probably last longer too, making it a good economic investment. A cheap pen is ideal if you just want to trial wax pen vaping. However, if you’re serious, you should back that up with a brilliant pen to maximize your concentrates.

6) Does my dab pen come with a warranty?

You’re invariably good hands if your vape pen comes with a one-year warranty or longer. Good brands are confident in their products and are happy to give their customers a safety net should their pen malfunction. No warranty should set alarm bells ringing.

7 fantastic dab pens

1) MigVapor’s Keymaker Wax Vaporizer

At just $39.95, the Keymaker Wax Vaporizer from MigVapor is an affordable wax pen that delivers impressive quality. At first, the small dimensions are deceptive, but once you’ve sampled the Keymaker, you’ll be blown away by the potent vapor. For a pen that’s stealthy enough to vape just about anywhere, it offers big on-the-go hits. You’ll be hard pressed to find a better quality vape pen for less than 40 bucks.
Aesthetically, the Keymaker admittedly lacks, but it’s not style that will attract people to this MigVapor product – customization is possible though with the green, black and silver skins. What will, however, is the two-second heat-up time and 360mAh battery that’s good for more than one hour of charge. Using the Keymaker is a dream with the activation button rapidly warming the device up to a toasty 455 Fahrenheit. The one-button design clearly had portable vapers in mind – you can heat the pen up, take a hit and be finished in under a minute. If value without compromising on quality is what you’re seeking, then the Keymaker is a savvy pick.
Included with the Keymaker package are two coils, made of quartz and ceramic. These materials provide much better tasting vapor than titanium coils, although quartz is more durable than ceramic. One USB charger and four silicone mouthpieces also come with the purchase.

2) Series 3X Dab Pen

The Series 3X is an example of a hybrid vaporizer. This nifty dab pen vapes your e-liquids, concentrates and dry herbs, and still comes in cheaper than $125!
Fears that this multi-purpose dab pen could fall short in performance are quickly allayed after a couple of tokes, with the Series 3X forming the type of vapor that you’d expect from a desktop dab rig. Furthermore, this vaporizer has impressive battery life and a solid design that can withstand heavy use.

3) Brain Fogger Dab Tank

Vape pens or mods using the 510-threaded connector system open up a world of dabbing opportunities. Have one of these devices and you won’t need a special pen to vape your waxes, just a Brain Fogger Dab Tank to attach to the vaporizer you already use. This will transform your standard vaporizer into a mighty e-rig to vape potent wax.
Beautifully designed, this steel tank with a glass body looks classy and professional, and is simple to fit – thanks to the 510 connectors; you can just screw it on and start vaping!

4) Dr Dabber Aurora

An excellent wax pen cheaper than $100, the Aurora from Dr Dabber offers a glorious vaping experience, utilizing low-heat technology to fully extract all the cannabinoids in your wax. Where the Aurora really shines though is with the wide-ranging customization options on the atomizer. Switch between the quartz and quartz-ceramic atomizers and dishes, mixing and matching until you’ve found the perfect combination.
For experimental and enthusiastic vapers, the Aurora allows you to tailor your experience. This pen isn’t for those who just want to start vaping, but for people who want immersive and personalized vape sessions.
In addition to the atomizers, the Aurora comes with a USB charger, a loading tool and a cute branded keychain. At $99.95, this is a practical pen if you want to get more serious with dabbing.

5) Grenco Science’s G Pen Vaporizer

Easy use for the vaper was paramount for Grenco Science in designing the G Pen Vaporizer. Therefore, this pen isn’t the most stylish, but what it lacks aesthetically it compensates for in portability and performance, not to mention stealth. The G Pen measures just five inches so will fit in your bag or inside pocket. For its size, the G Pen has solid battery life and charges rather speedily.
This device has a dual quartz atomizer, a material which promotes quality vapor. Designed for concentrates, the G Pen is easy to load and heats up in seconds. The vapor never gets too hot, so every draw is smooth and relaxing. Providing you maintain the G Pen, it’s relatively easy to clean, notable given how messy wax can be. This is thanks to the build, which consists of fewer parts than many vape pens – simply put, there’s just not as much that can get dirty!

6) Grenco Science’s Micro G Vaporizer

Another entry from Grenco Science, the Micro G is even tinier than the G Pen. This supremely stealthy pen will fit just about anywhere, but don’t let the size fool you. The Micro G is capable of making monster clouds with your concentrates. Furthermore, the Micro G is very efficient, vaping at the optimum temperature, never letting your product go to waste.
Grenco Science knows portability extends beyond vaping itself. That’s why the Micro G is simple to load, so you can top up while on the move. For a vaporizer smaller than a pen, the rechargeable battery is phenomenal – a full charge lasts for two days, thanks to the 15-second automatic shutoff feature designed to conserve energy.
The Micro G comes with two mouthpieces, two batteries, two coils and yes, two vaporizers! Also included is an A/C adapter with a USB port along with a loading tool and instruction manual.

7) PAX Era

We thought about leaving the PAX Era off this list since it only ships to California, Colorado and Oregon, but the incredible $19.99 price tag meant we had to give it a mention. Vapers in these states really are treated with a bargain device from one of vaping’s most recognizable brands.
PAX Labs is renowned for making fantastic vapor, and the Era offers cool interactivity too, with official apps to control the device with on the App Store and Play Store. The Californian manufacturer could probably sell this vape pen at double or triple the price.
However, there’s one more catch: You can only use disposable concentrates with the PAX Era, which will see costs mount long-term. But even so, this is a brilliant budget dab pen you should check out if you’re living in CA, CO or OR.

Final thoughts

There’s a lot that goes into buying a dab pen. Not all of the information in this article will apply to you, as everybody looks for specific features in a pen, but this should cover each individual area. From starter pens for beginners to more ambitious pens for experts, the dabbing world has it all, and it costs less than you might imagine!
With this enhanced understanding of battery life, build quality, customization and more, you are better placed to make an informed choice when buying a dab pen!

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The Comprehensive Guide to E-Nails

Electronic nails (e-nails) are electronic vaporizers which essentially allow for much easier dabbing. Available in both desktop and portable forms, e-nails can operate on their own or as part of a modified vape. They heat up to optimum vaping temperatures, so that users can dab their wax, shatter or other concentrate at the sweet spot, to produce and inhale the purest, smoothest vapor possible.
Traditional oil rig vaporizers that require manual heating are sold, but in this post we’re going to focus on e-nails and why they are superior.

Why you should buy an e-nail

Concentrate fans have been exploring ways to best utilize their products and dabbing, specifically electronic dabbing, has become the preferred choice of many. Unlike with old-school dabbing, where users would have to hold a blowtorch up to a nail and hope to heat it to the right temperature, nowadays dabbers can switch on their e-nail and wait. Not only are e-nails much less hassle, they’re a lot safer too.
Indeed, if a nail is too hot then it will just end up combusting your wax, shatter or crystal, denying you of many of the cannabinoids in the product. However, don’t have your nail hot enough and not all the product will be vaporized, meaning you lose out that way. Having an electric nail ensures efficient vaporizing, and it could be less harmful on the lungs as well.
With a standard desktop e-nail, users are instructed to input their preferred temperature – the e-nail will then heat up and remain constant throughout the session. Whenever you’re ready to take a hit, you can go right ahead and enjoy a cool, thick and perhaps flavorsome dabbing experience. Dabbing is an easy skill to learn – you’ll be perfecting it in no time!

Why e-nails are better than traditional nails

The danger with using a standard dab rig and heating it yourself is that there’s the risk of accidentally combusting your concentrates, losing them through the “flash vaporization” process. With dabs being relatively expensive, marijuana enthusiasts were keen to find a more reliable alternative – hence, the e-nail was born.
Using a traditional dabbing rig well takes a lot of practice, and even then, you can still misjudge the temperature and ruin your product. However, when dabbing with an e-nail, you can finely tune the temperature in order to extract more cannabinoids and terpenes, while fully sampling the flavors. And anyone, whether they’re a novice or an expert, can use and enjoy e-nails.

Types of e-nails: desktop

The most common type, desktop e-nails are quite sizeable, and a kit comes with plenty of accessories. But it’s the nail itself and the water pipe that dabbers are really interested in.
Various coils can be used with a desktop e-nail (typically 20mm, 16mm and 10mm flat). These are different to vape pen coils, but they do serve the same purpose. The coil sits at the bottom of the e-nail.
A PID controller is used to ensure the coil remains at a steady temperature throughout a dabbing session. PID controllers are a common industrial tool for determining temperature changes, and it’s this which enables you to tailor your e-nail to your dabbing preferences.
The best e-nails will include an LED screen so you always have a precise temperatue reading. Desktop e-nails run on A/C power, and that plug-in-the-wall functionality makes them best for home use.

Types of e-nail: portable

As expected, portable e-nails are pretty much the same as desktop e-nails, except you can take them around with you, or put them in your suitcase for your travels. They are obviously a lot simpler and less refined, but the glass mouthpiece, power source and heating element means there’s still plenty in common. Certain e-nails can be attached to a modified vape (using the 510-threaded system), whereas others operate on rechargeable batteries.

Using an e-nail

E-nails may look intimidating pieces of kit, but there’s really nothing to be overawed by. The LED screen is a reassuring guide that you’re using the equipment correctly.
After turning on your e-nail and inputting your desired temperature, apply your concentrate to a transferable stick and get ready to put it on the hot e-nail. When ready, touch the concentrate onto the e-nail and take a hit. The taste should be very cool thanks to the water pipe.
Carb caps are a great accessory that dabbers use to enhance the thickness and flavor of their vapor. These cover the nail during session so that no vapor is able to escape. If you have a domeless nail, then caps are the way forward in improving your dabbing experience.
In the past, old-style nails would often be domed, reducing the need for carb caps. However, with e-nails now dominating the market, carb caps are now synonymous with dabbing.

Best portable e-nail kits

Cloud V Electro Mini

The Cloud V Electro Mini really is a tiny e-rig, and if easy portability is your priority, then it’s perfect. What’s more, despite its size, this e-rig still has space for an LED screen with temperature control. So there’s no immediate sacrifice on quality to make this super-small product.
With a 3300 mAh built-in rechargeable battery, you are limited on power, although the hefty full charge compensates for this somewhat. Unfortunately there is no micro USB charging functionality. Two nails (quartz and titanium) are included along with a carb tool. Reliability is a big selling point for the Cloud V Electro Mini, and the one-year warranty is a nice additional buyer’s safety net.
The full temperature control of this e-rig is a delight, and the ability to fine tune lets you try for those huge vapor clouds to impress your friends. For its price, the Cloud V Electro Mini is a real gem. It is diminutive, yet packs a real punch too.

Kandypens Icon

If you dab everyday then you’re after a sturdy portable device that doesn’t compromise on quality. The Kandypens Icon is a neat e-nail that works with most 510-threaded vape mods and comes with quartz, titanium and a ceramic nail included. Also included is a carb cap. This is an awesome bundle with all you need and more – and the handy LED lighting system lets you achieve precision on the move.
The 510-threaded Kandypens Icon comes with three batteries, ideal as vaporizers do run them down pretty fast. Take time to experiment with the various nails as they have subtle impacts on the vapor produced.

Dr Dabber Boost

A pioneering e-rig in many ways, the Dr Dabber Boost was one of the first to offer the portable vaporizing of wax in an all-in-one device. It’s been slightly overpowered by more modern devices, but the 2500 mAh rechargeable battery ensures the Boost remains a competitive portable model.
The carrying case included with your Dr Dabber purchase is a nice touch and an ideal way of keeping all your accessories together. Three domeless nails made of ceramic, quartz and titanium come with the product, and the only other thing you’ll need to start toking are your concentrates!
Dr Dabber products are renowned – you don’t become a leading name in the industry without a string of reliable products. One-year warranties come with each purchase and an exemplary customer support system makes Dr Dabber one of the best vape companies to deal with.
You can also buy a special 510-threaded Dr Dabber e-nail that can be fitted to your vape mod, to make up for the standard 510 incompatibility. The lack of an LED screen sees the Dr Dabber lose out to its competitors.

MigVapor La Queef

The bizarrely-named MigVapor La Queef is a different e-nail to others on sale, which is par for the course from this eccentric company which also brought us the Brain Fogger and the Sub Herb. The La Queef (pronounced “La Keef”) e-nail is 510-threaded and is compatible with both dry herb and wax.
The La Queef is fast-acting, creating vapor from scratch in just three seconds, suitable for quick, discreet hits on the move. There are separate coils for wax dabbing and dry herb dabbing, but whichever your method, MigVapor’s La Queef kit has you covered.

Best cheap desktop e-nails on the market

The desktop e-nail market is highly competitive, with a number of manufacturers vying to cash in on this ever-popular vaping technique. Such industry conditions have seen chancers try succeeding with low-quality equipment, but there are some great brands too. Above all of them in our eyes is High Five Vapes.
E-nails from High Five Vapes are very affordable, with products available for less than $200. Couple this with the manufacturer’s superb customer service and the company excels not only for its quality, but friendly approach too. Looking to buy your first e-rig? An inexpensive product from High Five Vapes would be an excellent starter choice.

“Slow-boat” from China?

Premium e-rigs cost a hell of a lot more than $200, but brands like Shatterbox have thrived on the promise of first-class dabbing. If you can’t afford the true brand, then you may be tempted to buy an imitation from China, at just a fraction of the cost.
While this is appealing, the often poor or even non-existent customer service should make you wary. There may be no way of knowing exactly what you’re getting until it arrives, and it may take weeks to do so – and if there’s a fault when it arrives, sending it back (not to mention receiving a replacement) could take months. You’re better off either buying the real thing or a cheaper e-rig made much closer to home.

High Five Basic E-Nail bundle

Keen to get started with e-nails and dabbing but are a little hesitant as to how? The High Five Basic E-Nail bundle is designed for you – it’s relatively cheap and contains all the equipment and accessories required to have a worthwhile time dabbing.

From quartz to titanium domeless nails to a temperature control box, the High Five Basic kit really does have everything.

Customization is another highlight of High Five e-nails, and you can choose from a variety of funky prints to really personalize it. With a 7-day return policy, you have a window to establish whether dabbing is for you, and to iron out any teething issues with the customer service team.

What material makes the best e-nail?

E-nails are made out of titanium, quartz or ceramic. Let’s quickly assess the benefits and disadvantages of all three materials.


By far the most common e-nail material, titanium is used because it is both durable and cheap. Providing a titanium e-nail is well maintained, it can last for months or years, depending on how much it is used. Titanium e-nails are safe to inhale from, but they can sometimes give off an unpleasant metallic flavor, which is why dabbing enthusiasts often look elsewhere.


Ceramic e-nails are more expensive than their titanium counterparts, but are recognized for delivering a much purer and tastier vapor. Ceramic is not as durable as titanium though, so not only do ceramic e-nails cost more, but they require more regular replacement. It’s hard to fully clean ceramic too, leaving it hard to recapture the initial taste once it’s gone.


Quartz is the happy medium between titanium and ceramic. Not as expensive as ceramic, but with durability more in line with the titanium. The taste from quartz e-nails is also comparable to that of the ceramic, with some users arguing that it’s better. Out of the three, quartz is certainly the best dabbing material and this is reflected with dabbers making the switch en masse.

Bangers and honey buckets

Bangers and honey buckets are just like and function just as any other nail does despite their intimidating name. In reality, it’s just their size and shape which differs, and their design is to help maximize safety for the user. The heating process occurs further from the face than normal. Meanwhile, bangers and honey buckets help create a bigger surface area, so you can dab more.

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Making the most of your CBD crystals

CBD crystals are high-grade CBD isolates that boast purities of 98% and above – you won’t find numbers like that anywhere else. CBD crystals offer the quickest, most efficient and purest dose of any CBD product, but some CBD users are intimidated by the concept of crystals, unsure how to best use them.
In reality, CBD crystals are versatile and easy to use. Here are a few common ways of enjoying CBD isolate.
Combine with carrier oil
Tinctures, either premade or homemade, are a practical way of taking CBD while on the move, and you can empower your oil with CBD crystals. Hemp seed oil is the perfect oil to mix with. A ratio of one-gram to 10ml of crystals and oil will produce a potent combination. Of course, the crystals will need to be dissolved, so place the sealed bottle into a hot water bath and heat to 140 Fahrenheit for 10 to 15 minutes. After this, your tinctures will be immediately ready for medication. To save time, make tinctures in batches instead of one at a time.

Mix it in your e-liquid

Vaping is a very popular way of consuming many forms of CBD, and crystals are another that you can discreetly inhale with your favorite device. It’s impossible for the average person to discern between CBD and standard e-liquid – and if someone did know it’s probably because they’ve done this trick before!
For every 5ml of e-liquid, use around 100mg of CBD crystals for a medium-level dose (adjust accordingly to your preference). Put the crystals in the e-liquid, ideally using a 70/30 PG/VG ratio and heat the e-liquid to 140 degrees Fahrenheit to dissolve the crystals. Shake the cartridge to ensure all of the crystals have dissolved, then start vaping!

Dab your CBD crystals

Seasoned CBD users will probably be familiar with dabbing, a technique used to inhale vapor from CBD concentrates like wax and shatter. You can also dab with CBD crystals by heating them on your nail as you would any other concentrate. Either heat the nail with a blowtorch, or purchase an e-nail to set the nail at an exact temperature.
Concentrates are potent and when dabbing you inhale the vapor directly, so only small doses are required to medicate. First time users are recommended to sit down when dabbing and to only up their dosage when completely comfortable. However, those who have established a high CBD tolerance will thrive with a dab rig, as they administer hard-hitting, pain-relieving doses in seconds. Strong, pure CBD crystals promise the ultimate dabbing session.

Add crystals to your CBD edibles

CBD crystals can greatly strengthen your CBD edibles, and they take little effort to add in while you’re cooking – there’s no extended process as when making cannabutter. Just melt some butter in a pan, add the crystals and stir until dissolved. This infuses the CBD, and you can then make brownies, cookies, cakes or whatever you fancy following your normal recipe.

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The Best CBD Wax Available in 2017

Dabbing is the hot new way of taking CBD, with the method bringing users the confidence to consume large doses of cannabidiol, without experiencing a psychoactive high. Big doses of CBD promote enhanced and relaxed mood, while ensuring that your cognitive functions remain in full working order.
An anxiolytic and antidepressant compound, CBD acts rapidly in the body, and is at its fastest when inhaled in concentrate form (such as dabbing wax on an oil rig). This is because the CBD goes straight into the bloodstream from the lungs and to the cannabinoid receptors in the brain.
Need to medicate during the day? That’s not a problem with CBD, which works its magic without leaving you feeling lethargic and incapable of completing the day’s tasks. These qualities are great for those who have long suffered with inferior, fatigue-causing medication.
CBD wax can also be consumed in edible form, typically by mixing some into a hot beverage. Thanks to the even CBD consistency in the wax, medicating with this product tends to be efficient as you can easily gauge how much you need.
Now we’ve covered why you should be buying CBD wax, let’s find out the best five CBD wax brands, and see why they hold that status.

1) Green Roads Health

A true leader in the CBD wax market, Green Roads Health does everything to provide customers natural, high-grade CBD they can rely on to help them safely. Green Roads isn’t just a company; they are a team with a shared vision that puts CBD at the heart of future medicating. Over-the-counter and prescription medications have failed the public and have often made things worse, hence why Green Roads strives to make products that don’t burden users with uncomfortable side effects. Most prominent in America, but with a footing across the world, Green Roads Health is recognized everywhere for its wax.
Production method with concentrates is extra important, and it’s great to know that Green Roads Health utilizes the famed CO2 extraction method, the purest way of extracting CBD. Since concentrates contain large quantities of CBD, a lot of plant matter is used in the extraction process. Without CO2 extraction, CBD wax products would likely be blighted with metals seeping into the oil.
Green Roads Health is a full-spectrum advocate, meaning you’ll find other cannabinoids, terpenes and active plant ingredients in the wax.
Why Green Roads Health CBD wax is the best
At 250mg CBD per gram, Green Roads Health’s CBD wax provides almost instant relief when ingesting. CBD has been noted for its anxiolytic, antipsychotic and anti-inflammatory properties, making it an all-round solution. A potent CBD wax delivers these in large quantities, and can help to regulate the body’s nervous and immune systems. Some even claim CBD can cure cancer, although these theories are untested in the human body.

Why buy Green Roads Health?

CBD wax is best-known as an anti-inflammatory and chronic pain reliever, with the latter promoting reduced fatigue. From a mental angle, CBD wax is able to help anxiety and depression sufferers as an anxiolytic and anti-depressant. CBD can produce a calming effect for those with ADD and ADHD, while offering much-needed relief for those with PTSD. Regular CBD use can help in formulating better sleep patterns.
Green Roads Health recommend users either vaping their wax or ingesting orally, depending on the condition they are hoping to treat.

2) Hemp Hookahzz

Hemp Hookahzz is a brand that sells legal, 100% CBD hemp wax. Inclined for big-dosage users, Hemp Hookahzz’s wax contains around 250mg CBD per gram of product, far more than standard CBD vape oil, which is anywhere between five to 50 times weaker. Quality is guaranteed with the company employing a CO2 extraction method, making for pure CBD, free of potentially-harmful metals.

3) Empire CBD

Empire CBD wax is a long-time favorite, with its formula making it easier and less messy to handle than some other CBD wax products. A pure and highly concentrated CBD wax, Empire CBD delivers huge hits when vaped, especially on an oil rig vaporizer. However, the wax is also brilliant in an appropriate wax pen.
If not vaping directly, you could use Empire CBD as an edible, or break it down finely enough to add it to the top of your bowl – this would give you an extra CBD boost when medicating with marijuana. See how versatile CBD wax is?

4) Genesis

An established name, CBD Genesis unsurprisingly stocks top quality CBD wax. At 200mg CBD per gram (total weight of the product), Genesis’ CBD wax isn’t as potent as its rivals, but it makes up for that with its cheaper price tag. Users have found that vaping Genesis wax is smooth on the lungs, and that it offers a pleasant, yet never overpowering uplifting experience. General relaxation and lowering anxiety seem to be recurring themes for using CBD Genesis wax.


CBDfx wax is another highly potent CBD wax product – the brand has a 300mg CBD per gram wax. Dabbing CBDfx wax is the most popular form of use as it allows for the quickest and most potent medicating. When heating wax on a nail, the vapor produced is immediately being inhaled and is then into the bloodstream within seconds. No other method administers so much CBD in such a short space of time.
CBDfx wax uses hemp sourced from the EU, which means it has to meet stringent standards. SuperCritical CO2 extraction ensures this brand’s premium status, along with the organic production. Full-spectrum CBD enables users to get the benefits of the other cannabinoids in the hemp plant (excluding THC).
If dabbing CBDfx wax using a pen, we recommend not overfilling the chamber – a piece of wax no bigger than a grain of rice will suffice. Overloading a pen just promotes wax build-up and an unpleasant, charred taste.
Wax can also be held under the tongue and consumed that way. Hold it there for one or two minutes to maximize absorption.

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A quick guide to CBD wax and CBD dabs

CBD oil has been revolutionary in the alternative medication world, but traditional vape oils and tinctures aren’t the only ways of taking this remarkable cannabinoid anymore. Concentrated CBD products like CBD wax have exploded onto the market, with consumers loving the hefty potencies and consistency. If standard vaping marked the first phase for CBD medication, CBD dabs are set to be the second.

What is CBD?

In short, CBD medication is effectively cannabis medication without the psychoactive side effects. One of the key compounds in the cannabis sativa plant, cannabidiol (CBD) is a cannabinoid noted for its anti-depressant and anxiolytic properties, leading many to take it for depression and anxiety. A relaxant, CBD is great for relieving chronic pain and an array of physical problems.
But it’s the safety of CBD which make it a great alternative to prescribed drugs. It’s impossible to overdose on and completely non-addictive, allowing you to peaceably medicate until your heart’s content. Also, if you’re yet to find a solution for your complaint, you should give CBD a try!

How to dab CBD

Dabbing is all the rage nowadays, and both medical and recreational users are harnessing the power of dabbing potent wax. At first, it seems more complex than vaping or smoking, but it’ll be second nature once you know what you’re doing.
Before you start, you’ll need a water pipe and a nail (preferably titanium or quartz), along with a metallic utensil you can transfer your CBD wax onto the nail from its container. To simplify the process, you could invest in an electronic nail (or e-nail) – these will heat up to dabbing temperatures for you.
If you just have a standard nail, heat it with a blowtorch until it visibly goes red hot. Allow it to cool for a few seconds before applying your CBD dabs onto the nail and inhaling. Despite not being psychoactive, the rush of CBD is far greater than you’ll ever get from a standard vape, so be sure to dab responsibly!

The power of CBD wax

Dabbing CBD wax enables you to inhale vast quantities of CBD in one hit. For experienced users of CBD who’ve built a tolerance or those who simply need high dosages, CBD dabs marks a new dawn in medicating efficiency.
CBD wax is also a versatile form of CBD in that not only can it be vaped or dabbed, but consumed as an edible too. Since on its own CBD wax isn’t exactly tasty, many choose to mix it into cups of tea, coffee or any hot drink. Via this method, the CBD takes longer to kick in, but the benefit is that you’ll feel the effects for much longer.

Final thoughts

CBD wax and CBD dabs may not be for everybody, but for serious CBD enthusiasts, they’re the most exciting products on the market. Powerful, rapid and side-effect free, waxes and dabs are not only transforming the CBD world, but medication altogether.
Not experienced the joys of CBD yet? It’s time to get involved.

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Essential information about CBD concentrates

More people than ever before are awake to the remarkable healing powers of CBD. Cannabis-derived medication is gradually gaining mainstream acceptance, thanks to medical and recreational legalization, as well as more focussed CBD medication.

New technology has allowed manufacturers to isolate CBD from the rest of the cannabis sativa plant, nearly completely eliminating the psychoactive THC to offer a transformative and side-effect free medical experience. Until lately, CBD oils and edibles have dominated the markets, but with patients increasingly searching for more potent and fast-acting medication, CBD concentrates have seen a surge in popularity.

What are CBD concentrates?

CBD concentrates initially seems a vague term, but that’s because it’s very inclusive – wax, shatter and crumble are all classified as CBD concentrates. These products typically have high potencies of CBD, and are liked for their consistency – each dosage is always as the same because these products have been influenced.

What do we mean by this? Take CBD-dominant strains of cannabis sativa such as industrial hemp. While there’s no psychoactive potential due to the minimal or even non-existent quantities of THC, the CBD is naturally going to be spread unevenly throughout the plant. Therefore, you can’t be sure of the same effects each time you medicate, which isn’t good enough if it’s your primary treatment.

However, as CBD concentrates like wax and shatter have been specially made, steps are taken in production to ensure the CBD is indeed spread evenly. You’ll also see the quantities of CBD in the product on the labelling, and because wax, shatter and crumbles are sold in various strengths, you can take full control of your doses and not leave anything to chance.

How to take CBD concentrates

Either vaping or dabbing CBD concentrates tend to be the most popular methods of consumption. This is primarily because inhaling CBD allows it to enter the bloodstream within seconds and start working. If you need pain relief as soon as it strikes, you can’t wait half an hour for the effects to kick in. The only downside here is that the CBD will wear off a bit quicker.

But if you’re after a slower hit that lasts for several hours – perhaps you’re taking CBD concentrates to aid a good night’s sleep – then consuming wax in a hot drink (technically an edible method) will also do the trick. Or maybe you don’t have the means to medicate during the day, so you take it in the morning, safe in the knowledge you’ll be feeling relief for several hours.

How could I benefit from CBD?

We briefly touched on poor sleeping patterns as a reason for taking CBD concentrates. They are best known for helping with chronic pain, particularly in the back, and to deal with muscle inflammation.

CBD use is also helpful in combatting anxiety and depression, far more so than marijuana strains with THC, as for some these can even cause anxiety and paranoia. Contrastingly, CBD is a relaxant and anti-depressant that people use to improve their mood and tackle disorders such as social anxiety.

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Everything you need to know about CBD crumble

CBD crumble maybe hasn’t garnered the publicity that wax and shatter has, but this CBD concentrate is yet another which offers consumers a potent, clean and simplistic CBD medicating experience.
Non-psychoactive but remarkably effective, CBD crumble is extremely therapeutic, safe and non-addictive. You cannot get high from CBD crumble thanks to the negligible quantities of THC, but you can medicate your physical or mental ailments, without having to worry about overdosing.
Let’s get to know more about CBD crumble by addressing some common questions.

How can I get the most out of CBD crumble?

Vaping or dabbing is widely accepted as the best way to ingest CBD crumble. Since crumble is a dry substance, it’s not messy at all and hardly any cleaning is required after use. You’ll need a vape pen specifically designed for concentrates if you wish to vape your crumble.
Opt for dabbing and you have a couple of options. You can either go ahead with a quartz or titanium nail and heat it with a blowtorch, or invest in an e-nail which will do the heating up for you. Electronic nails definitely simplify the process and ensure you’re dabbing at the right temperatures, but they aren’t a necessity.
If you’d like to strengthen your e-liquid, you could dissolve in your CBD crumble. We recommend adding 200mg of crumble into every 5ml of PG or VG, but there are no strict guidelines. Just remember that CBD crumble is very potent so you only really need small quantities – add too much and you’ll make medicating unnecessarily expensive!

Why is CBD crumble more expensive than CBD e-liquid?

There are two reasons for this. The first is that the process of making CBD crumble is more complex, as it requires additional refinement and checks to ensure appropriate consistency.

But the main reason is that CBD concentrates in general, as the name gives away, contain much higher quantities of CBD than you’d find in typical vape oil. Therefore, CBD crumble is more expensive, but it lasts a lot longer as the dosages you need are much smaller. So when you take that into account, the price difference is nowhere near as drastic and concentrates are still good value for money.

Should I inhale my CBD or ingest it orally?

The simple answer is that you can do both – each method has advantages over the other. Inhalation is probably more popular thanks to the harder hits and quick response time. Instead of the CBD first having to travel to your stomach before reaching your bloodstream, when inhaling, CBD starts to act within seconds.
However, if you’re ailment is better treated with a steady release over time (maybe you have an ever-present pain) then edibles, either in the form of tasty treats or mundane capsules, would likely be more worthwhile.

From an aesthetics perspective though, dabbing is pretty cool. There’s some awesome equipment out there from which to dab your CBD crumble, and it makes the whole medicating journey that little bit more fun.

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Why CBD shatter is an awesome way to get your CBD

With legalization spreading throughout the United States, the cannabis industry is undergoing an amazing transformation. While that’s fun for recreational users, medical patients are also being treated with a variety of new products, especially when it comes to CBD.

Why CBD?

Cannabis shatter is wildly popular with recreational enthusiasts, but CBD shatter is slightly different in that the only cannabinoid it contains is cannabidiol (CBD). With no THC, the psychoactive cannabinoid found in cannabis sativa, you can’t get high off CBD shatter but you can get medicated. While there’s nothing wrong with THC and many use it to medicate, not everybody wants the psychoactive effects, especially if they want relief during their daily activities. Therefore, CBD is the ideal alternative.

Professionals and public health officials around the world are accepting that CBD has medical properties, although this is hardly news to consumers. Great for treating inflammation and chronic pain, CBD has also been noted for being a wonderful mental aid. For some, the psychoactive effects of THC can lead to anxiety, but the anxiolytic properties in CBD means it does the opposite. Indeed, studies have shown that CBD actually negates the effects of THC when the two work together.

Beyond anxiety, CBD can also help with depression and insomnia. Best of all though is that CBD and therefore CBD shatter is completely safe and non-addictive. It’s impossible to overdose, unlike with some over-the-counter medication, so never be concerned about taking more if you feel you need it.

What is CBD shatter?

CBD shatter is a much more concentrated form of CBD that comes in a solid block, rather than as an oil or wax. It’s much cleaner and better to handle than both as its dry and therefore easier to break up.

But it’s the potency of CBD shatter that’s the product’s biggest selling point. A higher dosage in less time is appealing for those who suffer sudden, fierce pain and need rapid relief.

When vaping oil, it’s common to make a mess as the substance is sticky and your equipment needs regular cleaning. However, solid non-soluble shatter throws up none of these issues. And, because CBD shatter has consistent concentrations of CBD, you can be confident of perfecting your dosage, even at high quantities.

How to use CBD shatter

You’ll be glad to know that CBD shatter is easy to consume whatever your preferred method is. The most common ways are to either vape it or to use a dab rig, and vaping is definitely the healthiest way to get these concentrated cannabinoids into your system. Rigs are great too as they tend to deliver near-instant, potent hits. However, if you’d rather smoke, then feel free to put some in your pipe and toke away.

Remember, there are so many options because consumers like to medicate in different ways. There’s no “right” way to take CBD shatter, it’s about having a method you’re comfortable with that provides the effects you’re looking for.

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CBD wax is amazing. Here’s why

Dabbing CBD (cannabidiol) is extremely popular with people who want to administer large doses in a short space of time. An incredible compound, CBD is one of the primary cannabidiols found in the cannabis plant, but unlike THC, it’s free of all psychoactive properties. Hence you can get all of the awesome benefits from weed, such as enhanced mood, or reduced mental and physical pain, without having to worry about getting “high”.

Here are three reasons why CBD wax is a fantastic way to take CBD.

1) It’s fast acting

THC has been long considered an alternative treatment for certain complaints, but the psychoactive trait has historically prevented it from being accepted in the mainstream, because of side effects such as anxiety. CBD, however, is the complete opposite – its anxiolytic and antidepressant properties mean CBD is great anxiety medication.

If you need quick relief to deal with sudden bursts of pain, then inhaling CBD wax is the way forward. Using a vaporizer or oil rig enables you to safely inhale CBD into your lungs and subsequently into your bloodstream in a matter of seconds. Once in the bloodstream, the cannabinoids can start binding themselves to the receptors into your body, and deliver that wonderful, calming effect.

2) CBD wax is ideal for all-day use

Some strains of medical marijuana can leave you feeling rather sedated and impact your productivity. While this may be great in the evening when you’re trying to wind down, it reduces medical marijuana’s stock as a daytime treatment. On the other hand, CBD wax provides the uplifting feeling you’re seeking to get through the day without leaving you drowsy.
In fact, CBD wax even helps to improve your focus, making mundane tasks or high-stress daily activities much more manageable – and even enjoyable! Understandably, if your mindset is better, everything else falls into place.
Chronic pain and inflammation patients have been searching for an answer to their problems for a long time. Past medication has usually meant relief comes at the price of fatigue. With CBD wax, those days are over.

3) Getting the dose right is easy

If you’ve smoked or vaped medical marijuana, then you’ll know that it’s easy to take too much or not enough. And because of the THC, there’s always the worry you’ll have one toke too many and be out of action for a couple of hours!

Since CBD wax is sold in clearly specified amounts, it’s a lot easier to perfect the dosage. You’ll rarely need more than a small dollop either. It’s up to you whether you want to dab your wax, or consume it orally by mixing it into a hot drink. For slower, longer-lasting relief, the latter is awesome.

Unlike medical marijuana where the quantities of CBD in each bud naturally vary, CBD wax is more regulated. The concentration of CBD is consistent throughout your wax product, guaranteeing the same effect every time you medicate.

Excited to try revolutionary CBD wax? Get your hands on some today!